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The Bible Korea Co. was founded in May of 2001 by the Korean Bible Society to support the ministry of serving the international Christian community through the provision of Scriptures.

The Korean Bible Society is a non-profit Christian organization committed to serving churches in Korea and abroad through the work of translating, publishing, distributing, and helping people engage with the Holy Scriptures. Every year, KBS prints Scriptures in around 240 languages and ships them to over 120 countries around the world.

The Bible Korea Co. is equipped with top-class binding skills acquired through its Scripture binding operations, and excels in luxury binding of religious books, law and medical books, etc.

With continued investments in binding technology and machinery, it is making headway to being the best bindery in Korea with the capacity of handling all types of binding required by our customers, ranging from Ajiro Binding, perfect binding, PUR binding of academic resources and notebooks, to special hand-crafted binding.

We, the Bible Korea Co. promise to deliver our best services to you.
Thank you very much.

Bookblocks 1.2 million blocks in light-weight Bible paper per day
- Folding Machine : Folding Machine : 13 shoei folding machine , 2 stahl folding machine.
- Gathering Machine : 30 station gathering machine and 40 station gathering machine
- Sewing Machine: miller and astar
- Two Print trimming machines
- 4 page folding machine and two pasting machines.
- 2 Automatic three-side trimming machines
Cover 30 thousand covers per day
Our cover making ranges from cardboard backed hard covers to soft, flexible covers produced with top quality vinyl, leather, and PU.

- Shearing machine
- 2 Trimming Machines
- gold and blind embossing machines
- Automatic roll trimming machine
- Laminated cover enwrapping machine
- Sewing machines
Luxury Binding Equipped with capacity to bind 42,000 titles per day
First in Korea to install luxury binding lines from Kolbus, Germany in 2013

- Kolbus Perfect Binding Line: perfect binding, PUR binding. Outputs 60,000 copies per day.
- Kolbus Hybrid Luxury Binding Line: Outputs books with rounded and square spine and zipper covers.
- Kolbus all-line Luxury Binding Line: Capable of binding books with leather, vinyl, zipper covers and square-spine.