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Perfect Binding and unbound edition

We installed the latest perfect binding line from Kolbus, Germany in 2013, and use this latest equipment for our perfect binding jobs. With the capacity to output 60,000 perfect bound copies per day, we have been producing high quality book materials for many partner organizations. The types of perfect binding and undound edition services we offer are as below:

- Hot Melt Perfect Binding When printed sheets are folded, and gathered into a block, its spine is ground and fastened together with hot melt adhesive. This is the method generally used for perfect binding, and is also referred to as the soft cover perfect binding as its covering material tends to be thinner. Books bound in this method will stay open more easily than the copies bound in unbound edition or luxury styles after stitching together its sections.
- Hot Melt unbound edition Printed sheets are folded, gathered, and saddle stitched before they are fastened with hot melt adhesive. The stitching process enhances the durability. This method is also regarded as a soft cover perfect binding as thinner covering material is normally used as the cover.
PUR Perfect Binding The production process is identical with hot melt perfect binding, but in this case, PUR is used in place of hot melt adhesive, which improves the durability and helps keep the open book stay flat.
PUR unbound edition Its production process is identical with hot melt unbound edition. The difference is that PUR is used in place of hot melt adhesive. As with the PUR perfect binding, this method allows better durability and helps the book stay flat when open.

Luxury Binding

We installed the latest all-line Luxury Binding Line from Kolbus, Germany in 2013 in addition to the existing luxury binding line. With the productivity to output 42,000 copies daily and the expertise to handle various binding styles, we provide high quality book binding service to our clients.
- We are capable of producing a wide range of luxury bound publications with hard covers (cardboard backed covers), vinyl covers, zipper covers, yapp covers, etc.

- Ajiro Binding The spine of the book block is slit evenly to allow the adhesive to penetrate and to fixate the cover onto the book block.
- PUR Luxury Binding PUR can be used not only for perfect binding, but also for luxury binding. The only difference with general luxury binding is that this binding method uses PUR in place of glue.
- Rounded Spine Binding This binding method is used for most luxury bound publications. As the name suggests, book spine is rounded before binding. Most western classic publications have used this method for binding.
- Square Spine Binding This binding method is used mainly for children’s publications. The book spine is kept square without any rounding.

Specialty Binding

This binding method is used for publications with special type of covers or luxurious editions, and the process is all hand-crafted by a team of specialists. There is a space for specialty binding within our bindery to offer top class specialty binding services for clients with special needs.